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Friedrich H. E. Schneidler

Berlin 1882 -
Gundelfingen 1956

Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler was born on February 14, 1882, in Berlin. He began his studies at the Commercial Art School in Düsseldorf. His architecture instructor was Peter Behrens. He was later a student of Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke.
Friedrich Schneidler worked as a teacher himself in Solingen in 1905. He relocated to Barmen in 1909. After serving in World War I, Friedrich Schneidler took over the direction of the graphic design department of the Württemberg Commercial Art School in Stuttgart.
Friedrich Schneidler became a professor in 1921. Friedrich Schneidler is regarded as the founder of the "Stuttgart School." Among his students are Imre Reiner, Geort Trump, Walter Brudi, Rudo Spemann, HAP Grieshaber, and Albert Kapr.
In 1925, Friedrich Schneidler began work on his exhaustive textbook on composition and design called "Wassermann," which remained a fragment. It was produced with his creed "Anfangen, anfangen, immer wieder mit Ernst anfangen" (Begin, begin, always begin again in earnest). He became Professor Emeritus in 1949.
Friedrich Schneidler died on January 7, 1956, following a collapse. He left behind an extensive collection of paintings, calligraphic works, and writings.

Ketterer Kunst
Collecting fields:
Alexej von Jawlensky - Heilandsgesicht
Alexej von Jawlensky
155,400 $

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff - Pelargonientopf
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
144,300 $

Gabriele Münter - Kirchgarten in Murnau
Gabriele Münter
"Kirchgarten in Murnau"
88,800 $

Max Slevogt - Kastanie im Vorhof von Neukastel
Max Slevogt
"Kastanie im Vorhof von Neukastel"
71,040 $

Gabriele Münter - Clematis
Gabriele Münter
61,050 $

Gabriele Münter - Aus der Blumenwelt
Gabriele Münter
"Aus der Blumenwelt"
49,950 $

Alfons Walde - Ellmauer Tor
Alfons Walde
"Ellmauer Tor"
42,180 $

Andreas Jawlensky - Ile d'Ouessant - Port d'Harant
Andreas Jawlensky
"Ile d'Ouessant - Port d'Harant"
33,300 $